Stair Lift Re-Upholstering, Batteries and Folding Hinges

Reupholstering, Batteries and Folding Hinges

Reupholstered Seats

All of our reconditioned stairlifts are cleaned to a high standard to ensure customer satisfaction.

We are now happy to offer our customers a new service of a completely reupholstered seat in a choice of colours to make your lift look and feel like new!

For only £30 we can refresh your Stairlift to fit in with your decor, home or mood!

Brand New Batteries

All batteries in our reconditioned lifts up to 12 months old are replaced with BRAND NEW BATTERIES free of charge.















Folding Hinges

If, at the bottom of your stairs (on the same side as the lift will be) there is an immediate doorway or the room is open plan, you will need a hinged rail.

This is a health and safety requirement. It just means the bottom of the rail will fold back on itself, to make sure nobody trips over the rail on their way through said doorway.

If you have a solid wall at the bottom, a hinged rail will not be necessary.

The hinged rails are an additional £100