How To Use Our Stairlifts | Stairlift Express

Step by Step Guide

We have put together below for you a simple, step by step guide with photos, to show you how easy it is to use our Acorn/Brooks 120/130 straight stairlift.

1 ) Securely fasten the seat belt.

2) Use the switch on the end of the arm rests to move the stairlift up or down the stairs, it only takes a finger!

3) Or a thumb.... Simple!

4) The stairlift glides smoothly and safely up the stairs.

5) A comfortable ride to the top, with footrest, armrests and that all important safety belt.

6) The stairlift stops so the footrest is flush/level with the landing.

7) The lever to "pivot" the stairlift is located in an easily reachable position just below the arm rest.

8) By simply pushing the lever down, the seat will pivot to a position in which the user feels safe to dismount the stairlift.

9)Push down once for a 45 degree pivot and dismount position.

10) Push down again if you would prefer a full 90 degree pivot and dismount the stairlift safely.

11) Fold seat away neatly to allow maximum space on the stairway.  Of course, if you live alone, you can always leave the seat down for ease.

A simple to use, life changing aid that everyone will want to try!