Do Company policys put you off?

When choosing a product or service, what kind of things affect your decision to whether you are going to take the product or service or not?


Is it the person themselves, their demeanour and manner?  Is it fair and honest business terms and conditions?  Or is it a mixture of both?

I've recently removed some of my children from an after school activity they enjoyed because I disagreed with several items of the terms and conditions.  The people themselves were lovely, but the terms listed in the rulesleaflet made me question their work ethic. 

Firstly I thought the activity was overpriced compared to similar classes in our local area.  Price plays a massive part in any of our day to day decisions, that's why at Stairlift Express, we keep our prices low and competitive and offer a range of products for every budget with no hidden extras. 

The activity was then asking to be paid upfront for the next 12 weeks whether we attended or not (bearing in mind children are 3 and 5)  If we decide we don't want to go anymore we need to give 5 weeks notice or will be charged another 10 weeks fees!  Finally....if we don't pay all this immediately we will also be charged a late payment fee!


Now as a business owner, I understand you need to have rules and regulations in place in order to be successful, but this to me seemed greedy, demanding and intimidating, hence I decided these are people I didn't want to deal with.   How many other customers have they lost because of these very strict and expensive terms for very young children?

Its difficult to compare the two, but I would imagine that if here at Stairlift Express we said we wanted a full upfront payment before you see the lift, or no warranty was offered, we would indeed loose a lot of customers.  I think people need to feel at ease with companies they are going to hand money over to that's why we try to be transparent at Stairlift Express.

Have you had any bad experiences with people or companies you had initially had a gut reaction about but ignored it?  Id love to hear from you.