Taking the family to work??

The pros and cons of running your own business have really come to light today! 

The excitement of taking 3 full weeks off the treadmill to go on the road trip of a lifetime with the rug-rats. Driving for days at a time, through different countries and language barriers, sharing our adventure day by day together as a family. Not many people are lucky enough to be able to do that. Awkward bosses, not enough holidays, incompatible holiday dates with your spouse....the list is endless. We are thankful that we don't have to deal with that.

However, as we have stressfully ran around this morning getting Euros, haircuts, new baby presents, smaller pushchairs and EU travel kits. Shoving coats and shoes and snacks into every nook and cranny left in the car whilst simultaneously removing unnecessary barbie dolls, teddies and dvds, we get the call of an urgent breakdown.

As the engineers usually set off on a Tuesday and we didn't want to leave our customers stranded, Gary has packed me and our 5 children into the car and set off in route to Rugby to personally see to the breakdown himself. It's an additional 2 hours onto our already 5 hour long first leg, and although the kids aren't too impressed, we know it's well within our responsibilities as managers of our business to see to the needs of our customers at all costs.

I hope she'll invite us all in for a cuppa!