What is it really like running a business with kids....

As a busy Mam of 5 young children, Im very lucky in the respect I can work from home, and not have to leave my kids with child minders or at nursery, but spend all day every day with them during the early years.   I get to see all the assembly's and sports days, I am available when they are sick, or to drop their PE kit off if they've forgotten it, its brilliant.

So when do I get to work?  

Ive tried to do some in the daytime, but no one sleeps at the same time, so there is always at least one child hanging off my leg, pouring coco pops all over the floor or dropping Barbies down the toilet right in the middle of a tweet or post. 

There has been many a time I've negotiated a deal on a telephone conference while breaking up a full blown scuffle between the two older boys with one leg, and feeding the baby "here comes the aeroplane ...." However admirable (or crazy) this may seem, its not the best environment to come up with catchy one liners and hash tags for social media ads. 

The truth is, the work get done when the kids are in bed.  When Im exhausted after a non stop 18 hours of craziness.  This can be any time from 7 pm onward depending on how many extra drinks or toilet trips are needed, if and when the growing pains start, and/or finish, the night terrors, night feeds and nightmares.  There has been occasions when I haven't actually gone to bed as the first ones been up not long after the last ones fell asleep!

The school holidays are now almost 3 weeks in andIm afraid to say the level of fun is getting higher but the work rate is reduced!  Im just hoping that I can get through to September retaining my sanity whilst displaying an honorable work ethic to my children.