Is the customer always right?

Well, the answer from every professional business should be of course YES!  As a customer myself I expect a high level of customer service, especially when buying an expensive item such as a car or a stairlift.  I would expect to be acknowledged on arrival with a smile and an introduction, engaging, informative conversation, with no pushy sales talk, to be made to feel at ease.  If a problem became apparent with my product, I would expect to be able to talk to someone about it, and a resolution be reached where I was happy with the outcome.  

This is the approach we always try to take with our customers.

If the lift fails, an error code is shown on the diagnostics display, we can talk to the customer over the phone taking them step by step through the resolution so its fixed immediately with no waiting about for engineer call outs.  That's the beauty of the Acorn and Brooks stair lifts.  If an call out is needed, we get there as soon as we can.  We find it easier and better for the customer to simply replace the carriage with a fully working one and take the faulted unit back to the work shop to fix, so we are not intruding in the customers home for lengthy times with oil and tools.  We will apologise openly for any upsets and go to any lengths to rectify the issue.

99% of our customers are over the moon with this treatment, there are however a few that are not.   There has been the few times where our engineers have been subjected to violent and threatening behavior, shouting and screaming, unprecedented false claims, personal attacks on how we look. and our family.   We have driven 500 miles form Newcastle down to Brighton to install a stairlift, when we knocked at the door, we were told they had decided to build an extension instead. 

In these very few and far between cases, I believe the customer is NOT right and we as a company like to deal with this by removing the stairlift, giving a full refund and never having to deal with these people again!  To end on a lighter note, please find a copy of the letter we received yesterday with some gifts from Ian Waller.