Stairlift versus Bungalow

Its a inevitable decision a lot of stair strugglers face at some point.  I use the term stair strugglers, as I have mentioned before, our customers range from children with disabilities, cancer patients, amputees, not just the elderly.

Moving home to a new bungalow, perhaps closer to loved ones who can nurture you.  A smaller property, easier to manage, a fresh start?  Perhaps mortgage free with a bit of cash in the bank to spoil yourself and your family.  Neighbours who are in a similar position to you and who can relate to.

I would imagine the main issues with the decision with choosing the bungalow would be emotional ties.  A home where all your memories were made, your children grew up, dramas and tears, good neighbours, where life was lived. Leaving all that familiarity and love, just because you cant manage the stairs seems a little harsh....and that's before you start with all the estate agents, house viewings, negotiations, legal fees.  Strangers traipsing in and out the house, making small talk...even the thought of it is exhausting. 

I may be bias but I know which option I would choose.  We offer fully reconditioned straight stair lifts from only £499, if you want a newer option stair lifts under 1 year old is only £845, and that's fully fitted with a 12 month warranty.  Installed in an hour, no fuss, no mess, and most importantly NO STRESS.

Feel free to let me know any comments or perceptions I may have missed, Its always valuable to get other peoples perspective.