A stairlift for every budget - our promise to you

Gary worked for several different stair lift companies  over the years and came into contact with lots of various "stair strugglers" for most of which the stair lift was an absolute necessity regardless of the price.  People begged, borrowed and stole to raise cash to fund this essential aid to get to bed, grants from the council were few and far between with waiting times usually over 12 months.

Our aim as a company is to provide stair lifts to suit all budgets.  By working closely with Brooks (Acorns trade company) we are able to see the date the stair lift was manufactured by the serial number, and then categorise all our lifts age appropriate and priced accordingly.  Our range starts from £499 up to £1295 for brand new with several categories in-between.

We also offer a "buy back" scheme on most lifts which makes it cheaper than renting in the long run.

Customers we meet always say "Why haven't we heard of you before, we paid double for our current one!"  So that's what we are trying to do - spread the word of the excellent service we provide.