Our first blog!

Welcome to our first blog!

My husband of almost 15 years knows everything about stairlifts, however, I've leaned as I've gone along in between our 5 kids!  Im clearly no expert, but know my rack and pinion from my arm control, and thats fine for now.

I always assumed stairlifts were for old people who struggled with the stairs, but since Stairlift Express started, I've met hundreds of wonderful people, of all ages, characters and conditions who have taught me differently.  

Children who have suffered limb amputations from illnesses such as meningitis, young adults who have cerebal palsy and carried to bed each night by their carers, 40 something professionals, that have been in some kind of unexpected accident, middle age Parkinson's sufferers, dementia and Alzheimer sufferers that cant remember they need to climb the stairs, the list is endless and truthfully very sad.

Its always lovely to see what a difference having a stairlift fitted has made to their lives, and their carers lives. The wonderful feedback and thank yous we receive, makes it all worthwhile. Being a completely family ran unit, apart from Mark, Gary's oldest friend, we like to think we have the care and compassion needed to make the transaction form feet to seat, as stress free as possible.

Over the next few blogs Im hoping to introduce you to a few customers and tell you their stories, as well as some interesting articles, videos and photos.

Bye for now