Just For Fun!

A Poem written by my Dad!

happy granny.png

STAIRLIFT EXPRESS the family business that cares, about getting you safely up and down stairs

No need to crawl up on hands and knees, simply take a seat and rise with ease.

Our safe chairs take you upstairs in your nightgown, no risk of falling on the way back down.

With tired old knees its so easy to fall and a broken hips no fun at all.

Rushing to the bathroom isn't easy to do, especially in a house with no downstairs loo!

Theres no need to struggle with breakfast trays, a stairlift makes life easier in so many ways.

So if you're worried about a loved one, living on their own, or need one for yourself, just pick up the phone.

Well do our best to help, because thats just what we do, providing accessibility for your family and for you!