Stairlift Express - A family ran business....

The Pros and Cons......

The view from the outside is glorious!  Happy families smiling and laughing, passing invoices to each other over breakfast, chatting about profit margins and our next family night out. Spending your working day with people you know, love and would trust with your life!  It is lovely and I wouldn't change it for the world.  Working with people you care about, and who care about you, has massive positive effect on the business.  Because you care about the people you are working with, you want to help them meet their targets by going without your dinner so you've got time to type up that additional file.  You want them to be home on time to feed the kids and get them to ballet, swimming, cubs, rainbows, football and cricket on time, and it works both ways, so in effect we run a very happy ship!

However, on the downside, would you like to be told what to do by your husband?  Would you appreciate your mother-in-law telling you you're works not up to scratch and your brother in law coming in late because of the school drop off?  Its hard, if not impossible to cut off from that "family feeling" and switch into business mode.  Feelings are heightened on a daily basis, though tempers are very rarely raised.  Its a good job Im the Queen of the "take a deep breath and count to 10"  

Things are especially hard at home if things are not going to plan at work, living and working with the Boss, I often get the sharp side of his tongue if a delivery's been late or one of the vans have broken down.  After 15 years of marriage and 5 kids later, I have learnt to take it with a pinch of salt as I know its only an indication of how much the business means to him.

To summerise, its definitely a good thing being a family business and Im sure the energy we bring bodes well with our customers. 

 Me and our little cherubs!

Me and our little cherubs!

Our first blog!

I always assumed stairlifts were for old people who struggled with the stairs, but since Stairlift Express started, I've met hundreds of wonderful people, of all ages, characters and conditions who have taught me differently.  

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